First online inTalk session in the campaign 1,5

Activity: e-inTalk session organised, created and facilitatet by Tatjana Christelbauer
Date: 30th of March 2022
Time: 9. 00 pm -11. pm CET (Vienna time)
Duration: 120 min.
Participants: Teachers and Students from partner organisations

The inTalk Session included introductory insights on art-based environmental education 4&with high school students and teachers.

The multimedia presentation included various stages for the interactive engagement of participants. 

What matters on Earth and how it matters in our daily life?

Why do we learn what we learn?

Who cares about environmental issues and how?

What an impact can art-based learning has on environmental education and sustainability policy communication?

Followed by questions posed, the presentation started with the introductory movie on United Nations 17 SDGs and the New  European Union Green Deal policies, examples from artworks and ecological activism of the Austrian born artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, museum education for the blind, ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy project initiatives, dedicated to awareness-raising about – and the realization of the 17 UN SDGs through the engagement of civilian actors has been briefly illustrated as guidance for participants, to create the “love letters to Earth” – expressing their perceptions on current challenges, emotional state, and connection to the natural environment, recommendations on how to tackle and maintain the challenges, by composing poems, short story, drawing, etc. and presenting their works by “let´s brick ParlaMINT session part. 

Presented works – images have been shared in the chat space.  

“Well acts” have been included in inTalk session with the aim to conduct the individual and collective wellbeing-sequences into the process of meeting and engagement as an integral part of environmental education in the term of “care” – which starts with self-care by keeping in mind bodily conditions while sitting, talking, listening, taking some water, including short break session, turning the cameras and microphones off, exploring active breathing by Featherflow-exercise”. Environmental education has been introduced and guided as Planetary thinking practice by conducting various spaces, ranging from the individual imaginative space to the social, natural, virtual, linguistic, and cosmic spaces. With the  ACD-Spaces academy team member Dr. Geraldine Fitoussi-Hoffmann, participants took an imaginary flight to the Moon, learning about Earth-Moon relations, gravity, and cosmic view ..

Rounding up with a 5 Ps-message: building Partnerships 4 Peace & prosperity of People & Planet, keeping our equal rights and shared responsibilities in mind (#orangetherworld), and #styinginlove with people and planet, by leaving no damages behind 4 now and then.

Tatjana Christelbauer