Lycée Louis Jouvet de Taverny (FR)

Our role

Project partner responsible for:

  • Hosting the third Learning Teaching Training Activity – organising a hackaton event
  • Attending online / face to face meetings and LTT activities, being actively involved in project activities 
  • Contributing to the development of intellectual outputs specifically to the Intellectual Output 3 (e-modules; activity and material sets)
  • Piloting the intellectual outputs
  • Running a concurrent eTwinning project

About us

Versatile high school par excellence, the Louis Jouvet high school in Taverny welcomes 1,500 students in general, technological or professional courses from CAP to the final cycle and post baccalaureate.

Anxious to respond to the issues of further studies and integration into professional life, the Lycée Louis Jouvet in Taverny offers a training offer in line with the needs identified in our economic area at the local, national or even international level.

Lycée Louis Jouvet is an establishment that offers training opportunities in:

– The general route  with options ( Latin-Italian-Euro option in English language (DNL SVT and History Geography)- Engineering Sciences ) from the 2nd and from the 1st class the choice between 10 specialty lessons : History-Geography Geopolitics Political Science ( HGGSP )-Humanities Literature Philosophy ( HLP )Literature Languages ​​Foreign Cultures English or Literature Languages ​​Foreign Cultures Spanish or  English Contemporary World ( LCE English or LLCE Spanish or LLCE AMC) non-cumulative specialties – Mathematics ( Maths)-Numerical and Computer Sciences ( NSI )-Physics-Chemistry ( Physics )-Engineering Sciences ( SI )-Life and Earth Sciences ( SVT )-Economic and Social Sciences ( SES )

– The technological path in the field of sustainable development (STI2D) or in the health and social sector (ST2S),

– The professional path from the CAP to the vocational baccalaureate, with possible educational paths in the professions of ELEctricity and its Connected Environments (MELEC), Assistance in the Management of Organizations and their Activities (AGORA), Animation Childhood and the Elderly (ANIM), Accompaniment Care Services to the Person (ASSP).

– The Post bac under school status with the BTS Digital Systems option A Computer Science and Networks (SNIR).

– Apprenticeship in the health and social sector: the Early Childhood Educational Accompanying CAP (AEPE) and the BTS Services and Benefits of the Health and Social Sectors (SP3S).

The Lycée Louis Jouvet is an establishment with more than 200 staff who invest themselves with dynamism and benevolence for the academic success of each student and offer personalized support, individual orientation interviews, tutoring, time of cohesion, but also with pedagogical choices such as duplication in Sciences, reduced numbers in modern languages, alignments for specialties, co-intervention, to promote the acquisition of learning.

Lycée Louis Jouvet is an inclusive establishment that welcomes all school profiles of high school students, including students with special educational needs, to implement the support and adaptations necessary for their success.

The Lycée Louis Jouvet is a school sports association that offers multiple activities – handball-climbing-football-weight training-badminton-table tennis-volleyball-basketball-crossfit… which trains competitors without neglecting well-being, fulfilment, the culture of mutual aid, concern for the collective and fair play.

Lycée Louis Jouvet has the mission of developing a spirit of commitment among students by dialoguing with the Conseil de la Vie Lycéenne (CVL) or by promoting the projects of the house of high school students (MDL) whether they are festive, eco-responsible, cultural or educational.

The Lycée Louis Jouvet is a cultural opening thanks to its theater workshop created to promote artistic practice through acting, dancing, meeting theater actors and discovering local or national cultural structures.

The Louis Jouvet high school is a gateway for multiple partnerships with the city of Taverny, with companies, with associations which ensure that our students are assisted in their studies on educational projects, by promoting citizenship or by being places of reception for periods of training in a professional environment.

The Lycée Louis Jouvet is a window on the international scene, with 4 living languages ​​offered in general, including a European section in English with Non-Linguistic Disciplines (DNL) in Life and Earth Sciences and History- Geography, technical education in living languages ​​on the Technological Way, educational teams who offer school trips abroad in connection with the programs and are part of European projects with Erasmus+.

The Louis Jouvet high school is a welcome on the meridian break with a school restaurant favoring short circuits, food from organic farming, quality and taste at the service of users.

Lycée Louis Jouvet is an establishment that has opted for digital technology and whose students benefit from a laptop computer when entering general and technological 2nd year and a digital tablet on the professional path thanks to the grant from the Ile-de-France Region.

Lycée Louis Jouvet is a space for education and training, a living space that aims to help all its students become qualified, responsible, fulfilled citizens ready to engage with confidence and success in their lives. ‘adult.

The Lycée Louis Jouvet is emulation and success according to his personal project within the framework of the Future Course by the general, technological and professional way.

Lycée Louis Jouvet is an establishment inspired by a quotation from Martin Luther King; “Believe in your dreams and maybe they will come true. Believe in yourself and they will surely come true. » .


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