Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas (LT)

Our role

Project partner responsible for:

  • Leading the process of creating technologically enhanced open educational resources
  • Hosting C2  ( teachers’ training ) to increase staff’s digital skills and promote open / distance learning knowledge and skills
  • Helping with Quality assessment 
  • Leading intellectual Output 2 ( e-learning platform) – e – learning platform’s selection and design
  • Providing support service for the e-learning platform.
  • Coordinating the e learning platform process – function identification, design workshops, brainstorming sessions, pilot studies and user evaluation sessions, technical support service, the creation of its manuals
  • and documentation and their presentation and dissemination to the public-
  • Helping with the digital issues
  • Attending online / face to face meetings and LTT activities, being actively involved in project activities 

About us

Falling between 3 percent Vytautas Magnus University is the most comprehensive higher education institution in Lithuania, with an interesting history, nurturing and continuing mature traditions, playing a special role not only in Lithuania, but also in the intellectual and cultural space of the entire Baltic region and Europe. The university community is united by the idea of ​​artes liberales , ie the classical university of the liberal arts, warm and sincere communication, constantly accompanied and strengthened by the liberal humanist spirit.

University of Artes Liberales

Vytautas Magnus University is the first artes liberales university in Lithuania, where the deep traditions of a classical university are combined with an innovative treatment of study programs and science. Artes liberales  is “Education 360 °” – the ability to look at problems from a broader perspective, as if from a bird’s eye view. Universal knowledge is a way to create innovative solutions in a superposition of two or more different spheres of knowledge, and at the same time it is a solid foundation to meet the professional challenges of tomorrow.

With the merger of Vytautas Magnus, Lithuanian Educational Sciences and Aleksandras Stulginskis Universities in 2019, Vytautas Magnus University became the most comprehensive university in the country, further strengthening its scientific and interdisciplinary potential. The synergy of different competencies allows for the mobilization of researchers working in non-seemingly unrelated fields, such as the humanities and technologists, in line with Western best practices.

In order to effectively address the most pressing societal challenges, often arising at the crossroads of disciplines, studies and research are carried out in a complex way, combining interdisciplinary knowledge and resources in relevant topics such as bioeconomy, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, agro-innovation, technology law, climate change, sustainable development, etc.

Continuing a mature tradition

The beginning of the history of the university is considered to be the year 1922, when the university was established after the reorganization of the Higher Courses in Kaunas. In the second largest city in Lithuania, Kaunas, which in 1919–1939. was the temporary capital of Lithuania, the university was the only Lithuanian higher education institution at that time, which became a vital center of the country’s culture, science and modern, free intellectual thought.

In 1930, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Duke Vytautas the Great, the University of Lithuania in Kaunas was awarded the name of Vytautas Magnus University.

1950 After the Soviet government closed the university, the academic tradition of Vytautas Magnus University developed in the diaspora. Vytautas Magnus University was restored by the joint efforts of Lithuanian and diaspora researchers. With the merger of Vytautas Magnus, Lithuanian Educational Sciences and Aleksandras Stulginskis Universities in 2019, establishing the Vytautas Magnus University Academies of Education and Agriculture, the University became the most widely covered in Lithuania.

Today, Vytautas Magnus University implements the aspirations of domestic and foreign intellectuals who have actively participated in the reconstruction of the university, fosters openness, dialogue and tolerance, and the continuation and development of national culture, creating a unique study model based on the principles of liberalism and democracy.

Honoring the foremost

Since the foundation of the university in 1922. Almost 80 deserving persons of Lithuania and Vytautas Magnus University have been awarded the title of Honorary Doctor or Honorary Professor. Among them are presidents, signatories of the Act of Independence, historians, archaeologists, political scientists, poets who have gained international recognition, members of the Vytautas Magnus University community, and world and Lithuanian intellectuals.

International and multilingual

Internationality – a business card of Vytautas Magnus University. Visiting lecturers, internships, student exchanges, joint research with foreign partners and joint study programs establish VMU as an undoubted leader of internationality among all Lithuanian universities.

A multilingual and globally connected university is a reality today. Therefore, VMU has an extensive partnership network with about 400 research institutions from around the world, carries out international projects, exchanges students and staff, and is a leader in the Baltic States in terms of the internationality of teachers. The development of internationalization allows us to improve, adopt good practices, feel the pulse of the world and keep pace with leading universities and international organizations. A major achievement is VMU’s sustainable connections with universities in the most advanced countries in the field of education, such as Finland or South Korea, or US universities, as well as UNESCO.

The University belongs to international organizations and networks, concludes bilateral cooperation agreements, carries out international programs, projects, other research activities, organizes international conferences, lectures by foreign professors and other not only academic but also cultural events.

Today, the university offers study in 31 different languages, and students from Europe, Asia, North America and other countries can choose from 29 undergraduate and graduate programs in English. 

Bringing Lithuanians from all over the world

Vytautas Magnus University, restored a quarter of a century ago by the joint efforts of Lithuanian and expatriate researchers, gathers the Lithuanian diaspora, promotes cooperation between expatriate and Lithuanian researchers and students in academic projects, and attracts those interested in Lithuania and its culture.

The World Lithuanian University unites many activities. These are Lithuanian language and culture summer courses, Lithuanian language studies for Lithuanian school teachers, distance learning opportunities, exchange programs, visits of teachers of Lithuanian origin, internships during which young people of Lithuanian origin do internships, gain professional experience in various state institutions, hospitals, art groups and non-governmental organizations.

Creating University

Vytautas Magnus University has always formed its identity in the background of creation. By fostering a culture conducive to creativity and the arts, the university will continue to strive to open up a niche in the creative city that permeates not only the intellectual and creative, but also the media and technological fields. Through various creative projects and initiatives, the university creates its discourse from Kaunas to the whole of Lithuania and Europe, further consolidating the idea of ​​a city open to various creative dialogues and a communicative world.

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