Our very first transnational meeting within our project “Le_Moon” took place in Manisa, Turkey, from January 31 to February 4, 2022. The original official date set in November 2022 was due to delays in the start of the project and also due to the Covid-19 situation postponed to this date in agreement with other partners at our first online meeting at the end of last year.

This meeting was hosted by an AFAD project partner. For working reasons, 2 partners attended the meeting online, and the entire course of our meeting was recorded.

On Monday, January 31, we all successfully landed in Izmir in the afternoon and evening, from where our hosts took us by car to the city of Manisa. All guests were accommodated in the Arma hotel in the heart of the city.

 On Tuesday morning we went to the host organization AFAD, where first the presentation of all partners took place. Then we discussed the project topic, title, description, logo and other small topics related to the project.

After the lunch break, we discussed the project action plan and schedule.

Wednesday’s program included a visit to the Mayor of Manisa and a tour of the University of Manisa, one of our partners.

After returning to the AFAD conference room, we continued to discuss the project budget, individual items and their possibilities of drawing. We also discussed the dissemination plan of the project, the possibilities of dissemination and promotion. In the last part of the meeting, we agreed on a mobility schedule for students and discussed their preparation.

On Thursday, the program included an amazing trip to Ephesus, an open-air museum, where we could admire the excavations and the memorable place of the asylum of the Virgin Mary. In the afternoon we visited the city of Selcuk.

Friday was the day of departure.

We would all like to thank our host, AFAD, especially Guray Karakay, its director, and Hanife Karakay for all the organization, hospitality and kindness.

We look forward to another joint meeting!

Lubomír Hájek,

project coordinator